YogaVriksha is all about helping you find joy in fitness by including yoga, meditation and mindful movement practices into your daily life. With a primary focus on traditional Ashtanga Yoga, we mix it up with a fun combination of scientifically selected movement drills to maximize on your benefits. We also emphasize on building awareness to deepen the understanding of your body through the practice of mindfulness and meditation. Yogavriksha is here to help you build routines and start your day in an energized state so you may leave the mat feeling happy, centerd and alive.


Meet Your Coach

I'm Varsha Venkatesh, a yoga & movement coach, founder of YogaVriksha, Bharatanatyam dancer and Animal Flow certified trainer. I believe that one can transform their life by including a daily dose of movement and regular practice of meditation.

With a cumulative experience of over 20 years and multiple certifications across disciplines like Yoga, Dance, Gymnastics, Animal Flow and Kalari my style of coaching draws upon the best of these practices. Our workouts are a unique mix of Ashtanga yoga and flow drills that will not only boost your energy and help you stay healthy but are also loads of fun.

Since the inception of YogaVriksha, I have been able to spread the joy of my coaching to thousands of people all over world. I have had the opportunity to build up an extensive community of yoga practitioners both online and in person, ranging from dancers to athletes, actors to directors, expectant mothers, kids and the elderly over the last 5 Years.


Practicing a potent combination of Ashtanga Yoga, kalari movement, animal flow, strength drills and dynamic stretch for body conditioning


Release stress, sharpen your mental focus and cultivate a an equanimous mind through the techniques of pranayama and meditation.

Weekly Sessions

Join our regular online yoga classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

personal Training
One on One

One on one coaching for Prenatal and postnatal care, body conditioning, injury rehabilitation, nutrition guidance, pranayama and meditation.

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Coaching yoga, fitness and lifestyle management

what we do

We bend, stretch, stand on our heads or on tip toes. We run, climb, roll on the sand and swim on the beaches. We love everything that brings us joy through movement and we love the contrasting silence and stillness that fulfills our hearts.