Join our practice to explore, share, and cultivate a conscious and creative space for all . YogaVriksha is a training and gathering center for movement practice to deepen our knowledge of the workings of our mind, body and soul .

Yoga + Animal Flow

VArsha Venkatesh

Varsha is a highly experienced dancer and yogi who imparts her wonderful passion for life and well-being through her coaching. Her style of instruction beautifully interweaves multiple movement disciplines making her classes dynamic and fun. Her true style is in fecilitating people to work at their own pace and transform in a gradual manner.


Practicing a potent combination of breathing, movement, stretching, meditation, chanting and relaxation


Release stress, sharpen your mental focus and cultivate a joyful inner space.

six things that happen when you meet me

Build strength

Bodywork practices to build balance, strength and conditioning.

Functional Fitness

Perform daily tasks like walk, sit, twist, bend, and lift groceries with ease.

Flexible Body

Elongate muscles and increase flexibility in joints to reduce your risk of injury


Breathing exercises to calm the mind, build focus and gain clarity.

Fresh mindset

Build grit by holding Asanas for a steady period of time and through repetition

Grateful heart

Cultivate respect and gratitude towards your body and mind.

Join our practice
Group Session

Monday – Friday  Ashtanga Yoga Classes at #3 Pari St, Kalakshetra Colony, Besant Nagar

Weekend Group Classes at Shree Apts, #23 Aziz Nagar Main Road, Kodambakkam

personal Training
In Person + Online

One on one coaching for general wellness, body conditioning, injury rehabilitation, nutrition guidance pranayama and meditation.

Baby & Me
Prenatal Yoga

 Nurturing moms from pregnancy through the early years of raising a child. Encouraging dads and caregivers to experience the multi-fold benefits of yoga for the well-being of your family!

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What we do

We bend, stretch, stand on our heads or on tip toes. We run, climb, roll on the sand and swim on the beaches. We love everything that brings us joy through movement and we love the contrasting silence and stillness that fulfills our hearts.

“Set in a serene place in Besant Nagar”

Love the instructions (and the instructor) here that come with insights and explanation.
My favorite bit is the meditation that follows in the end. <3
Sonal jain

our sweet memories

The best way to experience the joy of our yogic practice is to come be a part of one. Here are some fun filled and fondly proud moments of YogaVriksha.


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Adress: 3 Pari Street, Kalakshetra Colony, Besant Nagar Ch -90